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Stay in shape.

A wide range of sports can be practiced in the university campus.

We know that it is important to be in shape and we provide you with several gyms:

  • The "Noul Local" gym - equipped with the latest and most modern accessories for practicing team sports;
  • The soccer court with natural turf in the Leu Campus;
  • Soccer and basketball court (synthetic surface) - located next to the "Noul Local" gymnasium;
  • the exercise room in the R2 Building in the Regie Campus;
  • the Leu Campus gym.

Leisure opportunities in Bucharest


As you probably already know, Bucharest is the largest city in Romania and the capital of the country. The leisure opportunities are certainly attractive. Just to set your curiosity agog, we tell you that you can rent a bicycle, go to concerts, movies, plays or shopping.

You can spend time outdoors or go to a reading garden. We recommend that you also take time to visit the 57 museums of Bucharest or to listen to a concert at the Romanian Athenaeum or Opera.

Student sports clubs Bucharest: handball, motorcycle, chess, volleyball, basketball, bridge and kempō


The student sports club ȘTIINȚA BUCUREȘTI is headquartered at the University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest and is affiliated with specialized sports federations for the branches: handball, motorcycle, chess, volleyball, basketball, bridge and kempō.

It's mission is to create a nationally and internationally recognized sporting program for students.