Social Life

General Information

POLITEHNICA Bucharest offers its international students lots of fun activities for their spare time, to make you feel welcome and get acquainted to the Romanian vibrant way of life.

Among the activities we mention: International Students Day (welcoming you to POLITEHNICA Bucharest right after the beginning of the academic year. We present the university to you with all its facilities, the student organizations, etc. It all ends with a walking tour of the city centre – Old town), Karaoke Night (a evening with sweets, drinks, good music and the opportunity to make friends), Si eu am fost la POLITEHNICA Bucharest + (I was at POLITEHNICA Bucharest too – students from different countries cook traditional foods and we get together at this event where everyone gets the flavor of their peers’ cuisine), Movie Night (an outdoor movie night), celebrating the national day of each foreign country who has representatives at POLITEHNICA Bucharest (with drinks and food, and a display of traditional art objects).

The Regie Campus has lots of bars, terraces, restaurants, gardens and clubs full of students or young people from Bucharest. The nightlife is so vibrant and lively, and the student community enjoys sharing good moments at the end of the week.

Bucharest is well known for its social life, and apart from the night life, there are lots of fun possibilities: music festivals (from jazz to rock, electronic or hip-hop), film festivals, food festivals, graffiti festivals, sports competitions (from marathons to skateboarding, chess or painting), traditions and customs festivals, amazing parks, fairs, exhibitions.