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Interview with Norbaev, UPB international student, about the experience during the Covid-19 pandemic
27 August 2020

Where were you when you heard about the Covid-19 pandemic?

I was in Romania, in Bucharest, and I found out directly about the beginning of quarantine during classes, on Wednesday, March 11, then I thought of course it’s great to study, but it’s advisable to stay alive, and it would be great to continue my studies in safe conditions for myself and others.

What has been the most helpful source of support from the university?

First of all, awareness and the following recommendations for action, the continuation of distance learning at the proper level.

How has the pandemic changed you?

I became more alert and I began to pay more attention to health.

What is it like in Uzbekistan?

In Uzbekistan, the situation is similar, all necessary quarantine measures have also been taken.

What does the future hold for you?

I am going to continue further education and remain a strong mind and body, because if everyone is sick, then who will study?

How do you communicate with your family?

I communicate with my family through social networks.