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General information

University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest (UPB) offers the opportunity to students to join a double-degree programme.

Students benefit from international experience that will enrich their future career prospects, whilst expanding their horizons and immersing themselves in a different culture.

Advantages of doing a double degree:

  • Gaining 2 degrees in a shorter time;
  • Dual perspective from different but complementary approaches;
  • Broadened career possibilities;
  • Improving foreign language skills;
  • Valuable life skills and adaptability as a global citizen.

The students who chose to earn a double-degree from one of the partner universities will spend time abroad, studying at their respective university of choice.

At the end of the study years, the students will receive diplomas from both UPB and one from partner Universities.

For more information please access the UPB Double Degree Platform: https://upb.doubledegree.ro/

To learn more about a specific program, explore the options by visiting our partner university sites.


Oana Bugan
Oana Bugan
Programme coordinator