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A multicultural and open learning environment requires people from different places with academic backgrounds and professional experiences. Therefore, we try to have the support of visiting professors and lectures every year.

CEEPUS is an academic mobility network in the extended Danube region based on an international Agreement, which finances student and teacher trips.

Current member countries: Albania, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, North Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Serbia, the Slovak Republic and Slovenia. Prishtina/Kosovo is also participating.

The main activity of CEEPUS is the support of knowledge transfer, knowledge exchange and experience. CEEPUS mainly funds cooperation networks between universities in the member states through mobility grants for students and teachers.

Since 1995 approximate 75.000 mobility applications have been awarded in the framework of our program.

Romania is a CEEPUS member since 1998.

The Ministry of Education, through the CEEPUS National Office, grants annually 500 grants for students and teachers who arrive in Romanian universities for study and teaching periods.

For teacher mobility, including assistants, lecturers, associate professors and university professors, there is a monthly grant, equivalent in value with the amount of EUR 330 in RON for assistants, EUR 360 for lecturers, EUR 390 for associate professors and EUR 590 for university professors, at the exchange rate communicated by the National Bank of Romania for the last day of the preceding month;

Medical service costs are covered, in agreement with the law.

For more information, please visit www.ceepus.info.

Rodica Mirică
Rodica Mirică
Responsible for international mobilities